Lipo Lotion

Why Choose Lipo-Lotion?

Lipo-Lotion is a revolutionary product that combines clinically tested ingredients with break through component technology. It is the first of its kind to design a massaging applicator with the product. The active ingredients in the Lipo-Lotion improves the appearance of sagging skin around the tush, tummy and arms. Formulated with energizing caffeine and micro-algae to promote collagen synthesis and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Product includes a massaging applicator to enhance results, so you can save the dimples for your smile.

How does Lipo-Lotion diminish cellulite?

Lipo-lotion uses 5 active ingredients that are clinically tested to improve the elasticity of your skin

Proven Ingredients:

Xantalgosil C®: Helps firm skin and diminish the appearance of cellulite

Chlorellagen-DP: Rich in amino acids and vitamins to improve skin hydration and fight dimpling

Scopariane BPC: A brown algae extract known to promote

collagen synthesis

Regu®-Stretch: Formulated to moisturizes and smooth stretch marks

Caffeine: Energizes and plumps skin. Reduces swelling and smoothes dimpled skin

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